Wooden Coffee Table

1. Type of Wood: We are open to various types of wood for the table, including Oak, Walnut, and Teak. Please provide recommendations based on your expertise.

2. Size and Design: The table should complement our living room decor and provide functionality. Please share your design ideas and provide sketches or drawings if available.

3. Finish: We are interested in a finish that matches our living room's aesthetic. Please describe the finish you recommend and share examples of similar projects you've completed.

4. Timeline: We have a specific deadline for this project. Please let us know your estimated turnaround time, including any potential delays.

5. Pricing: Provide a detailed breakdown of the cost, including materials, labor, and any additional charges. We have a budget of $1,500.

6. Previous Work: Share your portfolio or previous projects that demonstrate your expertise in crafting custom wooden furniture.

7. Warranty: Do you offer any warranty or maintenance services for your furniture after the project is completed?

If you are a skilled furniture maker with experience in custom wooden furniture and can bring our coffee table vision to life, please submit your proposal with the above details. We look forward to collaborating with a talented artisan who shares our passion for quality craftsmanship.
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