Handcrafted Wooden Wardrobe

1.Wood Selection: We are open to different wood types such as Oak, Walnut, or Teak. Please provide your recommendations based on your experience.

2. Size and Design: The wardrobe should meet our bedroom's specifications and complement the existing decor. Please share your design concepts, including sketches or drawings if available.

3. Finish: We prefer a finish that enhances the wood's natural beauty and matches our bedroom's style. Describe the finish you suggest and share examples of similar projects you've completed.

4. Timeline: We have a specific deadline for this project. Please provide your estimated project completion time, accounting for any potential delays.

5. Pricing: Present a detailed breakdown of the cost, including materials, labor, and any additional charges. Our budget for this project is $2,500.

6. Previous Work: Share your portfolio or past projects demonstrating your proficiency in crafting custom wooden furniture.

7. Warranty: Do you offer any warranty or post-project maintenance services for your furniture?

If you are an experienced furniture maker with a background in creating custom wooden wardrobes, and you can bring our vision to life, please submit your proposal with the above details. We are excited to work with a skilled artisan who shares our commitment to quality craftsmanship.
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